Mercato is building the next genration cryptocurrency wallet

Our mission is to build products that let people manage their cryptocurrencies in a secure and simple way.

We’re working hard to deliver a wallet that anyone can use, without the need for technical or cryptographic expertise, allowing us to support and guide individuals as they interact in the new digital economy.

The new standard for cryptocurrency wallets

Secure & Keyless

We are building a cryptocurrency wallet that removes all the complexity of managing private keys or the security risks involved with relying on centralized exchanges.

We make crypto keyless. We remove the mnemonic phrases and private keys from the puzzle. When a user sets up a wallet, we separately generate and distribute two private secrets. One is stored on the user's smartphone and the other on the servers. Both are needed to generate a signature and sign any transaction.

We make crypto secure. The user's secret is backed up on our servers and encoded with a vector of user's face. This way we can always recover a user's wallet, in case they loose their phone, delete the app or just get a new phone.

Simple & Useful

Most people today, use cryptocurrencies for purely speculative purposes. They buy when prices go down and sell when prices go up.

When Satochi wrote the original Bitcoin white paper, he evisioned a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, that would let people send payments directly to each other, without a middleman.

We want to make crypto useful. We offer our users with options to use their cryptocurrenciens everywhere to buy things, earn interest, get loans or just send a gift card to family or friends.

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If you want to get in touch with us, drop is a line at [email protected].


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