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Mercato is a cryptocurrency exchange that wants to revolutionize the way people access the financial markets, harness the wisdom of the crowd and identify the best investment opportunities.

*The exact date will be announced soon.

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Token Sale backers must pass KYC

Before you can purchase Mercato (MRC) tokens in you need to complete the KYC process.
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Introducing the Mercato token (MRC)

How can you use MRC tokens?

The purpose of the MRC token is to pay for services on the Mercato platform. MRC is not backed by real assets and doesn’t grant their holders any dividends. The MRC token has several uses within the platform:

• Platform fees: Users can use the MRC token to pay for fees on our platform (trading, withdrawal, margin, coin listing etc).

• Social trading: The MRC token empowers its holders to perform social trading. With MRC tokens, users can pay other traders, to copy their trades.

• Rewards: Users will be awarded MRC token when they perfrom actions that add value to the ecosystem, like publishing their trades or rating the performance of other traders. Also, users that make purchases using the Mercato Card will be rewarded with MRC tokens.

Value Proposition

MRC is a utility token, thus, no price predictions can be made. The value of the MRC token is based purely on its use cases and distribution.

• SImple Interface A simple and intuitive user Interface to manage any digital asset.

• Social trading: Incentivize users to publish and copy trades.

• Discount on fees: When users pay for fees using MRC tokens, they will receive significant discounts, starting at 50%.

Token Repurchase plan: Every quarter, we will use 5% of our profits to buy back MRC tokens and destroy them, until we purchase 25% of all the MRC tokens in circulation.

• Other use cases: We are developing a Partner API, that will allow potential partners the use of our tools and token.

Token Sale Terms

The token sale will be divided in three stages: private placment, pre-sale and the main token sale. Unsold tokens from any stage will carry over to the next. To participate in the token sale, backers will have to download our iOS or Android app, completed the KYC process and use the Mercato app to send BTC, ETH or fiat currency.

Pre-Sale: 40% Discount

During the pre-sale, there will be a 40% discount on all MRC tokens.

65% of MRCs Distributed

65% of the MRC tokens will be offered for sale to backers during the token sale.

Accepted Payments

During both the pre-sale and public token sale, we will accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and USD.

Token Sale: 20% Discount

Backers will receive 20% discount during the first week. The discount will diminish as the approach the end of of the token sale.

Team Lock-In Period

The distribution of the team’s tokens will be locked in, and will be disbursed in waves until December 2020.

Unsold Tokens Destroyed

At the end of the entire token sale, MRC tokens that were not sold or distributed in our bounty program, will be destroyed.

Token Distribution

There will be a total of 1,000,000,000 MRC tokens. This is the final number of tokens, and it will never increase.

  • 65% – Token Sale
  • 15% – Team, Advisors & Early Investors
  • 15% – Reserve fund
  • 5% – Bounty program
Token Distribution
Funds Allocation

Funds Allocation

The funds raised during the ICO will be used to add more features and tools to the platform, drive user adoption and ensure compliance in the juridstictions we operate.

  • 45% – Marketing
  • 30% – Platform development
  • 15% – Legal & Compliance
  • 10% – Reserve

Our Team

Ilias Louis Hatzis

Founder & CEO

Andriy Martynyshyn

Chief Technology Officer

Ivan Solomichev

Blockchain Developer

Wilhelm Rabitsch

Chief Marketing Officer

Constantin Orehow

System Architect

Jonathan Ortheden

Mobile App Developer

Michael Ilchuk

Software Developer

Oleg Ternopilskiy

QA Engineer

Alex Vasylyk

GM Mercato Ukraine

Dimitris Simos

Director of Finance

Jessica Kovalchuk

Project Manager

Christos Prapidis

Director of Customer Support

Our Advisors

Professor George M. Giaglis

Professor AUEB; Director of Institute for the Future at UNIC

Panos Salapatas

Chairman, Skepsis Capital

Leon Yohai

Founder at Zulutrade, HolicTec, Qmobile

Mike Zelenin

VP Product & Blockchain Architect at Naviaddress

Bernard Lunn

CEO of Daily Fintech & author of The Blockchain Economy

Dean Karakitsos

Founder, Bloqchain Science

Gerasimos Seriatos

Creative Strategy Head, Paragon Holdings; Vice Chairman at Universal Media SEE; Area Chairman at McCann Worldgroup SEE.

Spyros Kouvelis

Sr. Advisor UN Environment; Former Vice-Minister External Economic Affairs

Lakis Agathocleous

Portfolio Manager, Otkritie Finance Cyprus

Dr. Haris Lambropoulos

Professor University of Patras; Board of Directors of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Chief Counsel at the Athens Startup Business Incubator.

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